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Checkout the draw for the ALDI Mini Roos gala day. There are separate tabs for each age group. Download



Sorry for the late changes but we still need help with our Canteen and BBQ

Due to the late draw changes we have been left with no choice but to change the duties for this weekend. I understand this is extremely late notice however due to the weather the draw only changed this afternoon. If you are not on the roster but do have some spare time please come and help us out.

Miniroos Set Up Saturday : 5 Kangaroos, 5 Kookaburras, 8 Sharks, 8 Lions Red, 10 Whales Sunday: 6-7G Away Team, 8-9G Away Team, 10 G Kookaburras Red

MiniRoos Pack Up Saturday : 6 Kookaburras, 7 Kangaroos, 9 Lions, 8 Kookaburras, 11 Dolphins Sunday : 6-7G Kookaburras Red, 8-9 G Away Team, 10G Kookaburras White

BBQ Saturday 8.00-9.55 : U8 Kookaburras (Set Up) 9.55 – 12.00 : U8 Sharks (Clean Up)

BBQ Sunday 8.15-10.15 : 7-8G Kookaburras Red 10.15 – 12.40 : 10G Kookaburras Red 12.40 – 2.00 Clean Up : 16G3

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